World of Warcraft: Legion

If you’ve been holding out for World of Warcraft: Legion, let me say this:


I had a chance to play the beta, where I copied over all of my current live characters and progressed them all to the mid 100s and the leveling experience is miles ahead of Warlords of Draenor, and I thought that expansion had a fantastic leveling experience, you just slammed headfirst into a wall of “nothing to do.”

Blizzard is also talking a good game about learning from their mistakes with Draenor, namely too few content patches, and some amount of hubris with their timeline for Legion (likely they already have storyboards and are starting the framework for whatever expansion will follow this one)

The pre-expansion content went live this past Tuesday, and it’s exceedingly well done. Nothing feels better than flying from a city to a location being invaded by the Burning Legion and seeing a couple dozen other players around you, all headed for one objective. I hope that the zone events continue into the expansion, so we have the feeling of a vibrant, active world, rather than having people stay in cities until their dungeon queue pops.

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